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Bring Marine Science into Schools (CLOSED For Applications)
To inspire young generations' enthusiasm for marine science, selected scientists will be invited, during the Conference, to give lively lectures at several elementary and middle schools in Qingdao.

WANTED! Marine scientists with extensive experience in outreach activities

Given the vital importance of oceans to our lives in the region, it is imperative for all of us to inspire the interests of our young generations in marine science.

In collaborations with the local institutions, WESTPAC would attempt to organize an outreach activity at the 10th WESTPAC International Scientific Conference (17-20 April 2017, Qingdao, China). This outreach activity entitled “Bringing Marine Science into Schools” is intended to invite several regional scientists to visit some primary or junior high schools in Qingdao, giving lectures and interacting with students there about the fascinating oceans and importance of marine science.

If you and/or someone in your mind are good at explaining marine science and provoking students’ scientific interests in an easily understood language, please contact the Head of WESTPAC Office (Wenxi ZHU at Essentially, the recommended scientists have plan to attend the WESTPAC Conference, and are willing to join this outreach activity.

Translation of English into Chinese will be provided if necessary. 


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