Meeting schedule

Meeting schedule
Meeting place:Beijing Friendship Hotel - Beijing,Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Date Time Schedule Place
May 14, 2018
AM opening ceremony Plenary Lectures Beijing Friendship Hotel
PM Scientific Session Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
May 15, 2018
AM Plenary Lectures Beijing Friendship Hotel
PM Scientific Session Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
May 16, 2018
AM Scientific Session Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
PM Closing ceremony
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Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.


Plenary Lectures
1. Prof. Nicholas Mills. University of California,Berkeley.
    Topic: A Multidisciplinary Perspective and Call For Integration.
2. Prof. Zhu Youyong. Yunnan Agricultural University.
    Topic:Crop Diversity and Disease Control.
3. Prof. Joerg Romeis. Agroscope, Research Division Agroecology and Environment,    Zurich,  Switzerland.
 Topic:Compatibility of Genetically Modified Crops with Biological Control.
4. Prof. Fanghao Wan. Institute of Plant Protection,CAAS.
    Topic:The Belt and Road Countries' Cooperation.
5. Prof. Volker Rudolf. Rice University, USA.
    Topic:Biological Control and Climate Change.
6. Prof. Tanja Strive . CSIRO , Australia. 
    Topic:70 Years of Biological Control of Rabbits in  Australia – An Ongoing Co-
    Evolutionary Arms-Race .
7. Prof. Geoff Gurr . Charles Stuart University, Australia. 
    Topic:Biological Control in the Context of Ecological Intensification: Interdisciplinary     
    Efforts for Sustainable Solutions .
8. Prof Heikki M.T. Hokkanen. Finland
Topic:Improving the Efficacy of Biological Control: Ecostacking and Compatible Approaches
 9. Prof.Chen xuexin , Zhejiang University
     Topic:Recent Advance in the Study and Ultilization of Entomophagous Insects in China

10. Prof. Ashfaq Muhammad. University of Guelph, Canada
     Topic:Enhancing detection of plant insect pests and their natural enemies using DNA barcoding.
11. Prof. Chengshu Wang. Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, Chinese Academy of Science
     Topic:Genetic Understanding and Improvements of Insect Biocontrol Fungi.
12. Prof. Matteo Lorito. Naples University , Italy       
Topic:New bio-inspired pesticides and fertilizers based on fungal hybrids and metabolome studies

ICBC 2018 Scientific Sessions
1. Interdisciplinary Biological Control: Risk Assessment and Biosafety in Biological Control
Session Organizers:  Michael G. Cripps ( New Zealand ), Barbara Barratt ( New Zealand ), Zhang Runzhi ( China ), Zhu Shuifang ( China )
2.Interdisciplinary Biological Control: Evolution and Genetics in Biological control
Session Organizers: Ruth Hufbauer ( USA ), Lu Yanhui( China ), Zhang Zehua( China )
3. Interdisciplinary Biological Control: Biological Control as a Means of Preserving Biodiversity
Session Organizers: Hariet Hinz ( Switzerland [CABI] ), Zhu Youyoung ( China ), Li Chengyun (China)
4. Interdisciplinary Biological Control: Biological Control as an Ecosystem Service: Advances in Conservation Biological Control
Session organizers: Frederic Francis ( Belgium ) ,Mary Gardiner (USA),Zhang Feng( CABI ), Yang Puyun( China )
5. Interdisciplinary Biological Control: Biological Control in Support of Human Health
Session Organizers: Hamed Abbas ( USA ) , Rita Grosch(Leibniz Institute of Vegetable and Ornamental Crops, Germany), Chen Xiaoyulong (Guizhou University)
6. Interdisciplinary Biological Control: Biological Control and Climate Change
Session Organizers: Joan Van Baaren ( France ),Ding Jianqing ( China [IOBC] ), Sun yucheng ( China ), Ma Chunsen ( China )
7. Interdisciplinary Biological Control: Socio-Economic Impacts of Biological Control
Session Organizers: Beatrice Muriithi ( Kenya [ICIPE] ), Rieks Van Klinken ( Australia ), Gao Yulin (China [IOBC])
8. Interdisciplinary Biological Control: Natural Enemy Action: Mechanisms and Interactions
Session Organizers: Nobuhiro Suzuki (Japan),David Andow (USA),Zheng li( China ), Zhang Fan( China ), Zhang lisheng( China ) , Xu xuenong( China )
9. Interdisciplinary Biological Control: Biological Control in IPM Systems
Session Organizers: Lucia Zappala (Italy), Linda Kinkel(USA),Guo Jianhua( China ), Wang Qi ( China ),Jiang Xiliang( China )
10. Biological Control Using Microbial Pesticides
Session Organizers: Zhang Jie( China ) , Yang Qian( China ), Ma Ping( China ), Xia Yuxian( China )
11. Compatibility Between Transgenic Crops and Biological Control
Session Organizers: Joerg Romeis ( Switzerland ), Li Yunhe( China)
12. Industrial policy and market development for biological control
Session Organizers: Gabriele Berg( Austria ), Yang Ziwen( China), Lin Meigen( China), He Yueqiu( China )
13. Current status and update of Biological control in the Belt and Road countries
Session Organizers: Ulrich Kuhlmann ( Switzerland ), Kornelia Smalla( Germany ), Wan Fanghao( China), Chen Xuexin( China)
14. Trichoderma and Soilborne Diseases Working Group
Session Organizers: Matteo Lorito ( Italy ),Irina S. Druzhinina(Austria), Chen Jie( China ) , Yang Hetong( China ), Li Shidong( China )
15. Bio Metabolites and the Molecular Bio Pesticides Working Group
Session Organizers: Park Kyungseok(Korea),He Yawen( China ), Zhang Xing ( China ), Xiang Wensheng( China ), Zhang Kecheng( China )
      May 14th to 16th , 2018
    Beijing Friendship Hotel
      Chinese Academy of  
      Agricultural         Sciences

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