Meeting schedule


Plenary Lectures
1. Prof. Nicholas Mills. University of California,Berkeley.
    Topic: A Multidisciplinary Perspective and Call For Integration.
2. Prof. Zhu Youyong. Yunnan Agricultural University.
    Topic:Crop Diversity and Disease Control.
3. Prof. Joerg Romeis. Agroscope, Research Division Agroecology and Environment,    Zurich,  Switzerland.
 Topic:Compatibility of Genetically Modified Crops with Biological Control.
4. Prof. Fanghao Wan. Institute of Plant Protection,CAAS.
    Topic:The Belt and Road Countries' Cooperation.
5. Prof. Volker Rudolf. Rice University, USA.
    Topic:Biological Control and Climate Change.
6. Prof. Tanja Strive . CSIRO , Australia. 
    Topic:70 Years of Biological Control of Rabbits in  Australia – An Ongoing Co-
    Evolutionary Arms-Race .
7. Prof. Geoff Gurr . Charles Stuart University, Australia. 
    Topic:Biological Control in the Context of Ecological Intensification: Interdisciplinary     
    Efforts for Sustainable Solutions .
8. Prof Heikki M.T. Hokkanen. Finland
Topic:Improving the Efficacy of Biological Control: Ecostacking and Compatible Approaches
 9. Prof.Chen xuexin , Zhejiang University
     Topic:Recent Advance in the Study and Ultilization of Entomophagous Insects in China

10. Prof. Ashfaq Muhammad. University of Guelph, Canada
     Topic:Enhancing detection of plant insect pests and their natural enemies using DNA barcoding.
11. Prof. Chengshu Wang. Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, Chinese Academy of Science
     Topic:Genetic Understanding and Improvements of Insect Biocontrol Fungi.
12. Prof. Matteo Lorito. Naples University , Italy       
Topic:New bio-inspired pesticides and fertilizers based on fungal hybrids and metabolome studies

ICBC 2018 Scientific Sessions
1. Interdisciplinary Biological Control: Risk Assessment and Biosafety in Biological Control
Session Organizers:  Michael G. Cripps ( New Zealand ), Barbara Barratt ( New Zealand ), Zhang Runzhi ( China ), Zhu Shuifang ( China )
2.Interdisciplinary Biological Control: Evolution and Genetics in Biological control
Session Organizers: Ruth Hufbauer ( USA ), Lu Yanhui( China ), Zhang Zehua( China )
3. Interdisciplinary Biological Control: Biological Control as a Means of Preserving Biodiversity
Session Organizers: Hariet Hinz ( Switzerland [CABI] ), Zhu Youyoung ( China ), Li Chengyun (China)
4. Interdisciplinary Biological Control: Biological Control as an Ecosystem Service: Advances in Conservation Biological Control
Session organizers: Frederic Francis ( Belgium ) ,Mary Gardiner (USA),Zhang Feng( CABI ), Yang Puyun( China )
5. Interdisciplinary Biological Control: Biological Control in Support of Human Health
Session Organizers: Hamed Abbas ( USA ) , Rita Grosch(Leibniz Institute of Vegetable and Ornamental Crops, Germany), Chen Xiaoyulong (Guizhou University)
6. Interdisciplinary Biological Control: Biological Control and Climate Change
Session Organizers: Joan Van Baaren ( France ),Ding Jianqing ( China [IOBC] ), Sun yucheng ( China ), Ma Chunsen ( China )
7. Interdisciplinary Biological Control: Socio-Economic Impacts of Biological Control
Session Organizers: Beatrice Muriithi ( Kenya [ICIPE] ), Rieks Van Klinken ( Australia ), Gao Yulin (China [IOBC])
8. Interdisciplinary Biological Control: Natural Enemy Action: Mechanisms and Interactions
Session Organizers: Nobuhiro Suzuki (Japan),David Andow (USA),Zheng li( China ), Zhang Fan( China ), Zhang lisheng( China ) , Xu xuenong( China )
9. Interdisciplinary Biological Control: Biological Control in IPM Systems
Session Organizers: Lucia Zappala (Italy), Linda Kinkel(USA),Guo Jianhua( China ), Wang Qi ( China ),Jiang Xiliang( China )
10. Biological Control Using Microbial Pesticides
Session Organizers: Zhang Jie( China ) , Yang Qian( China ), Ma Ping( China ), Xia Yuxian( China )
11. Compatibility Between Transgenic Crops and Biological Control
Session Organizers: Joerg Romeis ( Switzerland ), Li Yunhe( China)
12. Industrial policy and market development for biological control
Session Organizers: Gabriele Berg( Austria ), Yang Ziwen( China), Lin Meigen( China), He Yueqiu( China )
13. Current status and update of Biological control in the Belt and Road countries
Session Organizers: Ulrich Kuhlmann ( Switzerland ), Kornelia Smalla( Germany ), Wan Fanghao( China), Chen Xuexin( China)
14. Trichoderma and Soilborne Diseases Working Group
Session Organizers: Matteo Lorito ( Italy ),Irina S. Druzhinina(Austria), Chen Jie( China ) , Yang Hetong( China ), Li Shidong( China )
15. Bio Metabolites and the Molecular Bio Pesticides Working Group
Session Organizers: Park Kyungseok(Korea),He Yawen( China ), Zhang Xing ( China ), Xiang Wensheng( China ), Zhang Kecheng( China )
      May 14th to 16th , 2018
    Beijing Friendship Hotel
      Chinese Academy of  
      Agricultural         Sciences

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