•        The Great Wall is known as one of the wonders of the world. All tourists now know the saying,"You are not a real person until you have climbed the Great Wall.”Accomplish the journey at Badaling, the best-loved section of the Great Wall and the easiest to access by public transport from downtown Beijing.  After making your own way to Badaling, hop on the cable or ski lift and get a panoramic view of the wall and the lush surrounding greenery. Then you're free to venture the pathways and fortresses, peering through the tiny holes where soldiers shot arrows and watched encroaching enemies. Badaling is the best-preserved section of the wall, and you'll be transported back in time by its charm. It's also the most relaxing climb the wall has to offer, as it's not too steep and is relatively well-equipped with handrails. Stand at the top to marvel at the sheer scale of this incredible man-made legend and your journey is accomplished.

      Great Wall was put on the world cultural heritage list in 1987. 

      Opening Time: 

      April 1 - October 31 (peak season): 06:30-19:00

      November 1 - March 3 (low season): 07:30-18:00